General Privacy Policy

Volta Medical - General Privacy Policy
Edition 2.0 – Updated as of April, 10th 2024

On this page you will find general information on all the processing of personal data that we carry out, our commitments in terms of privacy and processing, as well as all your rights as data subject and how to exercise them. Please take note of all these elements, as they apply to all the processing operations we carry out, regardless of our relationship with you. This document is entitled "Volta Medical - General Privacy Policy".

Following this general information, you will find Volta Medical's various personal data protection policies (hereinafter referred to jointly as the " Specific Policies "). Each of these Specific Policies is intended to inform you, depending on your situation, of the essential characteristics and the terms and conditions relating to how we carry out personal data processing in our capacity as data controller. Please refer to the Privacy Policy applicable to your situation to find out how we process your data.

All requests, questions, or comments relating to our Policies can be submitted to our Data Protection Officer, whose contact details are given in the " Contact " tab below.

Who are we ?
What is a personal data ?
What is a processing of personal data ?
For what purpose do we process your personal data?
How do we collect your data?
What are our data processing commitments?
What are your rights regarding the processing of your data and how can you exercise them?
What information do you need to take into account when exercising your rights?
How to exercise your rights?