Disclaimers relating to care provided by a healthcare professional using our products or services

As part of the provision of its Products, Volta Medical processes personal data on behalf of its customers (healthcare establishments, doctors). The Products we develop include: Surgical assistance software called VX1 and Volta AF-Xplorer, as well as The Recorder. The Recorder is an annotation tool that physicians are free to use. The VX and Volta AF-Xplorer software products are decision-support solutions, but not a substitute for a physician, who remains the sole decision-maker with regard to the intervention to be carried out. They are not diagnostic tools. Data processing is carried out under the supervision of physicians. Whether for the software VX1, AF-Xplorer or The Recorder, the physician and/or the healthcare facility serves as the data controller. We encourage you to contact them for further information on the processing of your data.